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How to Watermark Your Photos For Free

How to Watermark Your Photos for Free ? – If you want to Watermark your Images easily and quickly then TSR Watermark Image is the right Software for you. TSR is a Simple and a very Powerful Free Watermarking Software that lets you create your own Watermarks on your Images quickly.TSR is a free Watermarking […] Read More

How to Reset BIOS Password

Reset or Remove BIOS Password BIOS means Basic Input/output System and it is the first software that runs on the computer when it is powered ON. The main function of BIOS is to initialize and test all the hardware components attached to the computer and to load an operating system. It is located on a […] Read More

How to Convert Basic Disk into Dynamic Disk in Windows 7

Windows 7 provides Flexible options for the conversion of Basic Disk into Dynamic Disk using the Disk Management Utility Software.Before You convert Basic Disk into Dynamic Disk you must Note the Following Points.Basic Disks are mostly used in Personal Computers whereas Dynamic Disks are used in IT Industry field related computers.Know more about What are […] Read More

How to Disable Windows 8 Lock screen

Microsoft Windows 8 comes with all new Start Screen instead of the old start menu used in previous versions of Windows that features a Lock screen property very similar to the Touch Screen Smartphone’s.Screen lock feature looks great on any smartphone and is very essential but when it comes to use in Desktops and laptops […] Read More

How to transfer data Between two computers Using LAN : IP Messenger

Connecting two computers using LAN is very often needed in order to transfer valuable data or play multiplayer Games at very high speeds.Files can be transferred and shared at very high speed using the LAN Wire.Transferring data or sharing the data via LAN can sometimes become uncomfortable when you get some errors like “Host unreachable” […] Read More


This is a very annoying error ” USB NOT ENOUGH FREE DISK SPACE ERROR ” faced by most of the users who tries to copy large files to the usb pen drive . This generally happens when the user tries to copy files larger than 4 GB . While copying files larger than 4 GB […] Read More