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How to Write Symbols in Word like Sigma,Mu etc

We all Use Microsoft Word , Text Editors , Word Processors in Our Daily Life For Completing Our Projects .But Have You Ever Thought Of Writing Symbols Like Sigma,Alpha,mu,Beta,Gamma etc in a Microsoft Word .Most of Us are Not aware on How to Write these Symbols in Word So they Try to Copy and Paste […] Read More

How to Scan Files With Windows Defender in Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 Comes with Pre-Installed Antivirus ‘Windows Defender’ So we don’t need to Install any Antivirus because Windows Defender does the same work as the other antiviruses does by Protecting your Computer From all the threats like Virus,Spyware,Malware etc. without affecting System Performance.Windows Defender Works silently in background it keeps scanning your Computer whole […] Read More

How to Restrict User Account Space in Windows 7/Vista

Restricting User Account Space becomes necessary when you and your family members or friends share a Common Computer/PC and you want to save Hard disk space by preventing them from filling the Hard disk space with the downloads without your Permission.You can do this with Individual User accounts by allocating some space to every Member […] Read More

How to Test VPN Connectivity Inside Network

We have already discussed On How to Setup VPN Server in Windows 7 in our Earlier Posts Learn How to Setup VPN Connection in Windows 7 From Here Now its Time to check Whether the VPN Server you have Created is working Properly or not So to Check it you will need a Client to […] Read More

How to Make Pen Drive Faster

Have you ever wondered of Increasing your pen Drive Transfer speed ?   Yes,You can Increase your USB Pen drive data transfer speed Here in this post em gonna tell you some simple steps that you can perform on your USB Pendrives to boost up your Pen drives and increase their data transfer rate Learn More […] Read More

How to Setup a VPN Server in Windows 7

How to Protect your work data VPN means Virtual Private Network which is basically a process of establishing a Virtual Connection between two points by using dedicated connection or Encryption or both of them.It allows the sharing of the resources present in the Private network to be extended upto Public network for example Internet.A virtual Private Network allows sharing of data […] Read More

How to Protect Your Work Data

How to Protect your work data How to Protect Your Work Data ? is a big Concern for all the Business Workers because Data Security and its integrity is the most important part for running any type of Business. If your business is having good and frequent interaction with Web Services then their are very high chances of being vulnerable to […] Read More

How to Create Animated Presentations Online

As We have discussed about PowToon (an online based tool to create Animated movies or Presenations) in our Previous Post ( Powtoon : Make Cool FREE Animated Presentations).Here is a Step by Step guide on How to Create Animated Presentations Online Using Powtoon How to Create Animated Presentations Online Using Powtoon First go to START […] Read More

How to Download Play Store Apps on PC

Google Play store previously known as Android Market is a place of application distribution for the devices based on Android Platform.Google Play store allows you to download and browse music,movies,books,games and applications developed by google for Android Devices.Some applications are Paid whereas as some are available for free of cost. You can directly buy the […] Read More