How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Google Chrome

Google Chrome being one of the most popular web browser for Windows users mainly has its own advantage. Even though, the browser is available for all the mobile platforms, but I wouldn’t be using it anywhere other than my Windows PC. Why not smartphones? because the native browser of almost every smartphone does the job perfectly for me. Well, it’s a personal opinion and preference after all. Check below how to turn off automatic updates in google chrome.

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Google Chrome

The Chrome browser is fast and fluid. It has been designed in a way that it updates itself automatically or checks for the available updates automatically to keep itself updated with the latest available updates. Too many updates in one sentence? Well, you can surely ignore them, but not the Google Chrome automatic updates.

General perception is  that keeping any software utility up-to-date is a better thing to do. But, this is not the case always. At times, new updates bring more glitches and bugs than the fixes.

I don’t like the idea of automatic updates when it comes to software. Some people prefer to update their software after days of its release so that they can be sure of its stability.

Now if you are one of those who does not like automatic updates in Google Chrome, here is how to disable automatic updates in Google Chrome in PC. Check below how to turn off automatic updates in google chrome.

How to Disable Google Chrome Automatic Updates in Windows : Steps to Follow

Note: To do this we need to edit Windows registry, hence make sure that you follow all the steps correctly.
  • Login with administrative rights to your PC. If you want to prevent your current chrome version from getting future updates then proceed with step 3.
  • If your Chrome version has been updated already and you want to move back to the earlier version then uninstall the Chrome on your PC. Follow instructions given here to install the older version of chrome.
  • Download this registry file, which will be added to the Google Updater controller on your registry. Once downloaded, run the registry file and click on Yes, if asked to confirm the decision.
  • You should see a success message saying ” the keys and values contain in xxxxxxxxxx.reg have been successfully added to the registry”.
  • Now open Google Chrome, and go to Chrome://chrome and you should see an updates are disabled by the administrator message.
  • Now that you have disabled automatic updates in Google Chrome, you can be sure that the future updates will not affect your browser unless you want to update to the latest version manually.
Note: The Google Chrome developers recommend to keep your browser up-to-date as most of the time it may contain security patches.

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