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How to Increase Broadband Speed in Windows 10/8.1/7

How to Increase Broadband Speed in Windows 10 - 8.1 -7 How to Increase Internet Broadband Speed in Windows : The Internet has become a very important part of our life these days and without the Internet, you cannot imagine your life. Okay, you can live without it, but still it is one of the important things for working professionals and social media freaks. So, having […] Read More

Clash of Clans Offline Installer For PC Windows 10/8.1/7

Clash of Clans Offline Installer For PC Windows Clash of Clans, who doesn’t like this strategy game? Okay, I am not one of them as it could be addictive for someone like me. But, for the people who are not bothered about getting addicted to a game, Clash of Clans will serve the purpose to kill boredom. From rage filled barbarians with glorious […] Read More

Angry Birds 2 for PC FREE Download | Download APK

Install Angry Birds 2 on PC Free Download Angry Birds for PC/Laptop – Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other smartphones. The company Rovio has released the successor of Angry Birds 2 for smartphones. Despite being the most popular game for smartphones, Rovio never thought of releasing the Angry Birds 2 […] Read More

Stick Cricket 2 for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 : Offline Download

stick cricket 2 for Windows PC Stick Cricket 2 for PC Windows 10/8./8/7 : Play Offline Download:  Stick Cricket 2 is the latest version of Stick cricket and comes with several new features and gameplay modes. Now if you want to play Stick Cricket 2 on PC then here is how you can install it on PC. Stick Cricket is one […] Read More

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in Google Chrome

Disable Google Chrome Automatic Updates Google Chrome being one of the most popular web browser for Windows users mainly has its own advantage. Even though, the browser is available for all the mobile platforms, but I wouldn’t be using it anywhere other than my Windows PC. Why not smartphones? because the native browser of almost every smartphone does the job perfectly […] Read More

Tekken 6 for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 : Install and Play Tekken 6

Tekken 6 for PC, Tekken 6 for Windows, Tekken 6 Mac Tekken 6 For PC Windows Download: Tekken would be the first game anyone would remember whenever there is a talk about fighting games. Tekken has been a success with its release on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, the game didn’t make its way to mobile game market or Windows PC. Fortunately, there is a way, […] Read More

Fix Updates are Disabled by the Administrator in Google Chrome

Fix Google Chrome Updates are disabled by the administrator Error In one of our recent how to guide we wrote a detailed tutorial on how to disable automatic updates in Google Chrome. If you were successfully able to disable automatic updates in Google Chrome, you will see “updates are disabled by the administrator”.  You see this message because you have disabled automatic updates in Google Chrome. But, what […] Read More

How to Disable Automatic Updates in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox for Windows 10 Similar to Google Chrome, after the recent updates, the Mozilla Firefox web browser also started to update automatically without asking the user first. Few people may like the idea of automatic updates, but few may not. Now if you want to disable automatic update in Firefox, here is how to do it. Follow below instructions […] Read More

Adobe Flash Player Offline Installer for Windows : All Browsers

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is Flash Player 17, though it is still in beta mode. The latest Adobe Flash version comes with new few features and performance enhancements. Now if you are looking for the direct download link of Adobe Flash Player Offline Installer, then here is how you can download Adobe […] Read More

Rise of Nations Screen Flickering Windows 10 FIXED

Rise of Nations is one of the best real time strategy game published by Microsoft Game Studios that was awarded with several awards including Game of the Year Award in 2003. Despite being over 12 years old it is still played by thousands of users across the world. The gameplay simulates through 8 ages of […] Read More