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Why don’t I have the Get Windows 10 Icon ? – SOLVED

Why don’t I have the Get Windows 10 Icon ?  : We are all aware of the fact that Microsoft is gearing up for their Windows 10 official launch on 29th July 2015 and therefore most of the users have already pre-ordered for free Windows 10 Upgrade. As per Microsoft official statement Windows 10 will be […] Read More

How to Fix Error Code 80048264 in Windows Phone

How to Fix Error Code 80048264 in Windows Phone: If you have been using  a Windows Phone then you might have come across above given error in your Windows Phone. Windows Phone is the third most popular smartphone OS in terms of market share and is gaining popularity with its low-end devices. Windows Phone 8 […] Read More

Fix Windows Phone Downloading Application Error 8000ffff

Fix Windows Phone downloading application error code 8000ffff If you are a Windows Phone user then you might have come across downloading application error code 8000ffff while you trying to download apps from the Windows Phone store or when you try to restore your Windows Phone using a backup you face issue for some of the installed apps. What worse is that your […] Read More

How to Fix Android Stuck on Boot Screen : Best Fixes

How to Remove Windows.old Folder Android phone stuck on Android Boot Screen? Here is how to fix Android phone and tablet stuck on Boot Screen. If you own an Android running device and are into customization on your device then you might get stuck on Android boot loop and you will not be able to restart or reboot your device. […] Read More

Fix Realtek Network Controller Was Not found Error

Error 651 Connection in Windows 7-8-1-10 Fix Realtek Network Controller was not found Error:  Were you trying to update your network card drivers? End up with Realtek network controller was not found. If deep sleep mode is enabled please plug the cable error? This is a common problem among PC users. Most of the time the error occurs because of incompatible […] Read More

Google Play Store Error DF-DFERH-01 FIX : 100% Working

How to Fix Android Error 919 Now a days Google Android system errors are becoming very much common for most of the android device users and most frustrating fact is that 90% of these errors are often found related with Google Play Store App. Google Play Store Plays a significant role in the Google Android OS which bridges the gap between […] Read More

Fix Windows Update Error 80072f78, 80090305, 8009033f

Well if you are using an original copy of Microsoft Windows then you might be tempted to keep your Windows updated whenever new windows updates rolls out which is indeed a very good step. Even Microsoft also recommends to keep your Windows updated frequently with new updates that are being rolled out in order to […] Read More

How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 80c805e2

How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 80c805e2: Trying to sync your Microsoft account and caught up with this annoying error on your Windows Phone? Don’t worry, in this round we will cover how to fix this annoying error on Windows Phone smartphone. But, before that let’s have a look at what causes this error. […] Read More

Whatsapp Error 403, 413, 481, 491, 492, 495 FIXED

Whatsapp no longer needs any sort of introduction as we are already very much aware about Whatsapp and its popularity. Therefore here we are not for any kind of review or something else we are here to resolve some of the most common and recurring whatsapp issues i.e Whatsapp error codes that are faced by […] Read More

Yu YuPhoria Common Problems and their Fixes

Yu YuPhoria Common Problems and their Fixes : Yu Yuphoria is the latest launch from the Indian smartphone maker YU, a sub brand of Micromax. Yu Yuphoria is the successor to Yu Yureka which was launched last year and became an instant hit. Yu Yuphoria recently went official and is exclusively available from Amazon India. […] Read More