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How to Adjust Android Phone Volume Without Buttons

There’s a popular saying that nothing is permanent and that goes quite well especially with the hardware devices which starts wearing out as their life cycle progresses. There’s nothing to surprise about this because no matter how hard or how safely you try to use these hardware devices they will surely gonna fail sooner or […] Read More

How to Hide Whatsapp Images from Gallery in Android ?

We often use whatsapp for chatting, sharing images or videos among friends while having a conversation where some conversations means to be public and we often want to make sure that all the files that are shared during conversation remains private or hidden from gallery so no one can see them other than the phone […] Read More

Best Screen Recording Apps Android 2015 | Save Video Files

Android has always been the first choice for Smartphone buyers since its launch and seeing the recent development in android platform it seems that android will continue to lead the market in the upcoming years until something extraordinary event happens. Google has recently rolled out the latest Android OS i.e Lollipop to few of its […] Read More

How to View Saved WiFi Password in Android / iPhone iOS

Want to retrieve saved WiFi passwords from your Android or Apple iOS device !!! – If yes, here is a complete step by step tutorial on how to view saved wifi password in android or in your iOS device. This can be really helpful if someone else has connected your device with a WiFi network […] Read More

How to Remove Bloatware Apps from Android Device

Almost every android device that you buy currently comes with pre-loaded apps often termed as bloatware apps which varies as per your android device manufacturer. Different manufacturers devices comes with different bloatware apps where some are having very few apps and some are having countless apps. Most of the manufacturers add these apps thinking that […] Read More

Smash Hit for PC Download Windows | Smash Hit APK

Smash Hit for PC Download Smash Hit offers a totally unique addictive gameplay that is quite different from the usual android games where you take a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, moving in harmony with sound and music smashing everything that comes in your path! Smash Hit is a game that requires pure concentration, dedication and sheer focus along […] Read More

How to Downgrade Lollipop to Kitkat on Nexus / Moto G

Android Lollipop is the recent edition to the Android OS series after Kitkat that has already begun its journey towards android devices and can be easily found in most of the latest versions of smartphone’s including the old Nexus 5 as well as Motorola Moto G. Though for Motorola Moto G the lollipop update is […] Read More

Turbo C++ for Android APK FREE Download : Install C++

Turbo C++ is one of the most crucial software especially for the programmer’s and computer science students which allows them to test and run their codes. C/C++ languages are the basic foundation of various programming based applications and other languages and thus stands a very important place in the field of software development. C/C++ language […] Read More

How to Find Android Device Mac Address : WiFi Mac Address

Mac (Media Access Control) Address is basically a unique 12 digit address (00:00:00:00:00:0X) assigned to a specific piece of hardware for example devices connected in a network posses mac addresses so as to uniquely identify these devices across the network. Despite of having such an important place of mac address in any network it has […] Read More