Switch Back to Basic Classic Yahoo mail : Get Faster Performance

Yahoo has changed their old yahoo classic mail Interface to a total new one long while ago that looks more appealing and entertaining with enhanced graphics as compared to the old basic yahoo mail but not everyone enjoys this all new interface especially those who are having slow speed Internet connectivity on their home or office because it takes ages to load yahoo mail and even sometimes fails permanently to load.The most annoying fact about using yahoo mail is that there is no direct option to switch between old classic yahool mail and new one which is indeed a major drawback.You will find lots of different tricks to switch back to basic classic yahoo mail interface but to be honest its’s not that easy to implement those trick unless you are an experience user because those tricks involves playing with java scripts so here in this article I am going to tell you a very simple and effective working trick to switch back to basic classic yahoo mail interface.

Switch back to basic classic yahoo mail Interface – Steps to follow

Switch Back to Basic Classic Yahoo mail - Login Yahoo mail

  • Here Check the URL Address bar of your browser.
  • Change the URL Address to https://us-mg6.mail.yahoo.com/neo/b/launch

Switch Back to Basic Classic Yahoo mail - Login Yahoo mail - Change URL

Alternatively – You can manually edit the URL by adding b/ before launch.

  • That’s all now press enter or refresh the webpage to load the new URL Address.
  • You will be now switched back to your Old basic classic yahoo mail Interface.

Note – If you want to again switch back to the Advanced version just locate the the Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail option and click there as shown below.

Switch Back to Basic Classic Yahoo mail - Login Yahoo mail - Switch to New Interface

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