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How to Check Which RAM is installed DDR1, DDR2, DDR3

Check Installed Ram in PC, Laptop A few days back I received a mail from one of my fellow reader asking for how to identify which type of RAM is installed in his PC whether it is DDR1, DDR2 or DDR23 and i really appreciate what he asked because there are still numerous users who often fails to check which RAM […] Read More

How to Get Free Unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga ?

Candy Crush Saga Tricks Though Candy Crush offers a very addictive gameplay but sometimes it can be really tough to get through the levels as your game progresses because of limited lives i.e Only 5 lives and there are certain chances where you will face situations in which you will lose all your 5 lives in a matter of […] Read More

How to Ultra Compress Files from GB to MB – KGB Archiver

Let your Computer Speak Wondering how to ultra compress files of large sizes from GB to MB!!! – If yes, then you are at the right place to get your question answered. I have seen thousands of users looking for a way to ultra compress their files not only to save the disk space but also making it easier […] Read More

How to Check your Own Mobile Number ? – Codes for all Networks

Let your Computer Speak Today in this era of mobile computing and technology almost every one is having their own smartphone and personal contact number which is a nice thing to have and also their are some users who are having more than one contact number using Multiple SIM of different network providers because of the differences in the […] Read More

How to Download, Install and Update Windows Phone 8.1

How to update to windows Phone 8.1 OS Windows Phone 8.1 is one of the most anticipated updates in the history of Microsoft Windows Smartphone’s that has been ruled out today therefore if you own a Windows Smartphone running on old Windows 8.0 OS then it’s the time that you should try considering updating your Smartphone to the latest Windows Phone 8.1 The […] Read More

How to Remove Duplicate files from PC with NoClone ?

Let your Computer Speak Having duplicate content on a system is tolerable up to a limit but when this limit breaches it starts creating very serious problems leading to out of space or storage issues thereby consuming unnecessary memory and system space therefore if you are the one facing lots of duplicacy in your stored data then I will […] Read More

How to Install Bluestacks Without Graphics Card – FIXED

Fix Bluestacks Network Error How to Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card – Bluestacks App Player is a great innovation in the Software field that has impressed millions of worldwide audience and to be honest it really deserves it.It has gained immense popularity and appreciation since its release and most surprisingly this App Player is still in beta testing phase […] Read More

How to Download Files From Scribd FREE 100% Working

Download Files from Scribd for FREE How to Download Files From Scribd FREE – NO LOGIN : Most of the users search ends on Scribd Website while looking for downloading most of the documents which is pretty good.Scribd is one of the largest document sharing website where you can store or upload any kind of document regardless of their formats as […] Read More

How to Find WiFi Password Saved on your PC Easily

How to View Saved WiFi password in Android We often Use WiFi Wireless Connectivity to get access to Internet from our WiFi equipped devices i.e Laptops or Tablets for which we first need to establish a successful Internet Connection between our system and WiFi Wireless router by providing proper authentication.It has been found that most of the users often forgot the password which […] Read More

FIX “The process has stopped” Error

How to Adjust Android Phone Volume without buttons If you are a regular follower of this blog then you might have found some articles referring to one of the most strangest and common errors encountered by¬† daily windows pc or Smartphone users with their best possible fixes available only on this blog therefore today, I am back once again to share my experience […] Read More