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Error 651 Connection in Windows 7/8.1/10 : Best Fixes

Error 651 Connection in Windows 7-8-1-10 Error 651 Connection in Windows 7/8.1/10: Windows 10 is here, and the OS has been working just perfectly fine with all the features. However, one of the most annoyed errors in Windows 10 or even the older versions like Windows and Windows 8.1 would be the Error 651. The error usually occurs when the users […] Read More

How to Fix Your Connection is Not Private Google Chrome

How to Fix Your Connection is not Private Google Chrome How to Fix Your Connection is not Private Google Chrome:┬áIf you use Google Chrome as your daily driver then you must have come across this message. The message gives enough hint about the error. Your Connection is not private basically means that your connection is not secure on a secured website which has SSL certificate […] Read More

Fix Something Went Wrong Error in Office 2013 Installing

Fix Something Went Wrong Error in Office 2013 Fix Something Went Wrong Error in Office 2013: Microsoft Office 2013, the successor to the Microsoft Office 2010 was released in 2012 and was a success which is the case with almost every Microsoft Office release. The latest version of Microsoft Office 2016 and is the improved version of Microsoft Office 2013. The Microsoft Office […] Read More

Windows Script Host Error Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 Fix – Best Ways

Fix Windows Script Host Error Windows In most of the cases Windows script host error arises at the very start of Windows and in rare cases it happens while trying to run an application. Users facing Windows script host error must note that killing processes from task manager doesn’t help to address the root cause of the issue. Therefore even after […] Read More

How to Open Corrupted Pen Drive / USB / Flash Drive – Best Fixes

There may arise situations when you won’t be able to access your USB pen drive or USB Flash drive due to pen drive corruption where you will eventually land up getting error something like ” Location is not available G:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” Therefore to help you […] Read More

Clash of Clans Black Building and Objects Fix Bluestacks

Clash of Clans Black Building Fix Lots of users using Bluestacks for playing Clash of Clans have been found reporting different sort of performance and crash issues among which Black building, Black patches or Black objects is very common which we are going to address here. Well there could be a variety of reasons responsible for facing Clash of Clans Black […] Read More

How to Fix Android Error 919 Unknown Error Code During Install

How to Fix Android Error 919 Currently there are variety of errors that surrounds Google Android OS among which most of them are related with Google Play Store service especially while downloading or updating apps on android device and therefore today here we are going to cover one another important and trending Google Play Store Error 919 which prevents users from […] Read More

Netflix Error 1011 Fix for iPhone, iPod, iPad Air, Mini

How to Fix Netflix Error 1011 Netflix is basically a global provider of online TV shows and movies with over 75 millions subscribers in 2016. It is very popular especially in United states with more than 50% of users being from United States alone. With Netflix App start watching Netflix movies & TV shows online or stream right to your smart […] Read More

Touchscreen Ghost Clicking | Random Auto Clicking Fix

Touchscreen Ghost Clicking Few months ago I broke my HP Envy 15-J120Tx laptop touchscreen due to which complete touchscreen functionality went though the Internal display was working absolutely fine. The only issue was that the Touchscreen got few major cracks and it stopped working. The laptop was in warranty but not covered under Accidental Damage protection therefore HP […] Read More

Error 505 “Unknown Error Code During Application Install” Fix

How to Fix Android Error 919 Earlier in our articles we have already covered some of the most common android errors especially related to Google Play store like Error 403, Error 905 etc. and today here I am going to cover another popular Google Play Store Error 505. The error usually occurs while trying to download or update apps from Google […] Read More