Android.Process.Acore has stopped Working Fix for Android

Facing “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” is one of the most frustrating error that has been prevalent in android since the beginning. Though it is quite rare to face this error but once you start facing it, it becomes really difficult to get hold of this process android.process.acore has stopped working error which nearly makes it impossible for a user to use the device properly. Since the issue is in android from a very long time but still there isn’t any proper fix from the Google end though there are few workarounds available that you can try out to resolve android.process.acore has stopped working error.

What is more interesting about this error is that it is independent of the android device model or the android version that you are using, you may face this error regardless of your phone model or your android version. This error basically occurs while using the phone dial pad or while trying to use the contacts list and it starts popping every 5 seconds of usage. You may get this error while trying any of the operations associated with the phone contact list like importing contacts, deleting contacts etc. So here below is list of solutions that you can try in order to fix android.process.acore has stopped working error.

How to Fix Unfortunately android.process.acore has stopped Working Error : Steps to Follow

Well in order to fix process android.process.acore has stopped error you have to go through a series of solutions that I have mentioned below one by one until your issue is resolved.

Important : Before you proceed make sure to take a backup of your phone contacts

Fix – 1 : Clear the cache and data of all contacts Apps

  • First of all you need to turnoff the device sync and then go to the phone settings -> Application Manager -> Then scroll down a bit till you find the Contacts or Contact Manager.

Android.Process.Acore has stopped Working Fix for Android - 1

  • Just tap on Contacts -> There first press force stop and then tap on Clear cache and then Clear data.
  • That’s it now go back and repeat the same step 2 for Contacts Storage application from Application manager.
  • Restart your android device and restore all your phone contacts from the contacts backup that you made earlier.

Fix – 2 : Turn Off Sync for Facebook and Delete / Restore all contacts

Note – Make sure to take a backup of your phone contacts

  • Go to your Phone Settings -> Accounts -> Facebook -> Turn off the Facebook sync by removing the check mark.
  • Follow the same step as mentioned in the Fix 1 for clearing the contacts cache and contacts data.

Fix – 3 : Hard Reset your phone to Factory Settings

If nothing works out don’t get disappointed there’s always an option to fix most of the android errors via reseting your android device to factory settings and to do so just follow the below mentioned easy steps.

Note – Resetting your phone to factory settings will erase all your phone data so make sure to take a backup of all your phone internal data like apps, contacts, sms etc.

  • Go to your Phone Settings -> Scroll down to Backup & Reset -> Tap on Factory data reset -> Tap on reset device.

Android.Process.Acore has stopped Working Fix for Android - 2

  • That’s it just follow the on-screen instructions and wait till your device is reset to the old factory settings.

*This method works fine for all the Samsung android devices, Lenovo K3 note, Vibe P1, K4 note, Micromax, Karbonn, Spice android devices as well.

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